Do You Manage Your Own Website?

Your website is your shopfront. You need to change your window display regularly and keep your images fresh and up to date.

 Once you have your website right you can get on with driving potential clients to it, and turning those leads into paying customers.


Do it yourself or get someone to do it for you?


Maybe there is a misconception that websites are expensive. ( I do know of a photographer who paid $7,000 on a website, that wasn’t effective.)


Maybe that is why many photographers I talk to spend hours on building and mananging their website.


They buy a website template and then by trial and error and many hours of work, learn how to become a website builder and designer.


This is by far the most inefficient way to create an online presence, for although it may cost less money it certainly drains the hours and energy from you.


The easier way is to have a professional build the website, and then let them provide the training and support for you to maintain it.


I came accross this small website company a couple of days ago, and had a long chat to the owner Johannah.


I was really impressed with what she did and all of her prices are on her website, with full websites starting at just $1800 ( less than the cost of a decent camera body). That is very affordable for a good website.


Check out her website, and if you contact her and mention my name, Johannah will give you a further 15% discount.