Australia School of Wedding & Portrait Photography

Get More Photography Clients... FAST!

Many Photographers around the world struggle with their business because of the increased competition and lack of customers. Without customers there are no sales and no money! I have spoken to photographers who are either trying to start their business or re-invigorate an existing business which is not getting results. There is a common theme – photographers are passionate about their photography but are frustrated that they can’t get enough good customers to sustain a viable business. They need help to reinvent the way that they do things. This personalised step-by-step "Get More Photography Clients...FAST!" Online Course will get you "bums on seats" and teach you marketing principles to create and grow your photography business. In this course you will learn:
  • Learn what the top photography studios do to make them so successful.
  • Marketing strategies to bring money in the door right away.
  • Access to private Facebook Support Group page.
  • BONUS FREE 2x30 minute "face-to-face" skype coaching sessions with top photography business coach, Bernie Griffiths.
  • FREE copy of Bernie's book "Success Secrets of a Professional Photographer".
  • Plus BONUS unlimited email and phone support
  • Personalised certificate on completion of the course.
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