Photographers…The Ultimate U.K. Workshop

Everything You Need To Know About How To Have a Successful PHOTOGRAPHY BUSINESS.

WHERE…. Hartsfield Manor, Sandy Lane, Betchworth, Surrey.

WHEN…. Friday 12 July (half day) and Saturday 13 July (full day) 2019.

There is a proven way and path to follow that will lead to your success.

This Workshop will help you to prepare for real life weddings and family portraits, as you will be able to take some photographs for yourself during our Bridal and Family SHOOT and learn proven MARKETING strategies and SELLING techniques.

Bring your cameras and learn from a Master Photographer.

You will come away with all the knowledge and confidence to run a successful photography business plus a great portfolio of work for you to use for display prints, social media, or your website.


Includes light lunch.

How do I make more money in my photography business?

How do I take my photography to the next level?

How do I Market out there to get better clients?

This practical seminar with models and demonstrations, is to help those that want to take their photography and their business to the next level.

Creative and well lit images will separate you from your competitors, and is an important key to your photography business being successful.

The general public no longer accept ordinary imagery, so don’t expect to get a good financial reward from being an ordinary “natural light” photographer.

You need to take your photography to the next level and then you can reap the financial rewards.“The Ultimate U.K. Workshop” will be a day of learning and demonstration with two great photographers and educators.

Photography is simply painting with light, but so few photographers nowadays have mastered the art of “seeing the light” and they rely on Photoshop and other digital enhancements, to create a good image.

The day will also help you with your marketing, selling, lighting, posing, profiting, and generally everything you need to know to get your business rocking!

Shireen Hammond is a Multi Award Winning Master of Photography, She has won over a hundred awards both in the U.K. and Internationally. Shireen will be demonstrating and working with models for Bride and Groom and Family showing the techniques that have resulted in images that have given her so much acclaim.

Bernie Griffiths From a successful photography business owner to now an experienced photography Photography Business Coach, Bernie has now done over 4,000 one hour Skype  consulting sessions with photographers in guiding and Mentoring them in all areas of Marketing, Selling, Website Design, Photography, and Pricing. Many of his clients have seen their photography businesses grow to record levels.