Photography Business Exposed!

Date: Tuesday 12 November
Time: 1-4pm
Price: $49 per person
Where: Burgmann College, ANU Campus
Address: Building 52 Daley Road CANBERRA

About the Presenter

Bernie Griffiths has over 40 years experience owning a successful wedding  and  portrait  photography studio.

 He is the owner of three successful photography studios.

 He is a “down to earth” person who can relate to all areas of a wedding  /portrait  business.

 Bernie has walked the path as a wedding/portrait photographer, and knows  the  frustrations and day  to day challenges.

 There are short cuts that can lead you to accelerate your success, both as a  photographer and  business owner.

Talk to him about secrets of success and he will bluntly tell you that the secret is to get the right knowledge from those who have succeeded.

Using his proven business strategies, Bernie has turned over hundreds of thousands of dollars in his photography business, and also through his consulting company, has taught many photographers to do the same.

He spends his time mentoring and coaching photographers, to help them achieve their goals and dreams.

His proven methods of building a successful photography business, have helped hundreds of photographers reach their potential, and gain financial independence.

Photography Business Exposed!

More and more photographers are working from home, and this trend is set to continue into the future, as more and more photographers take their hobby into a new world of small business.

Photographers are willing to juggle their business and family life for a more simplified lifestyle that can bring rich rewards if handled correctly. However, a business at home does have many challenges.

Small business owners, have been hit hard over the last few months as power bills, petrol prices, food prices, and just about everything else has reached record price highs.

The home-based photographer is rapidly becoming the boom industry of this new era.

More and more people are opting to change their lifestyles by working from home. As well as experienced photographers moving business back home, more and more mothers are becoming skilled in taking good photographs and are contemplating starting a photography business. Working from home has great benefits, but can also have its price.

Working from home, changes your entire life.

Your castle, and your family’s once safe sanctuary, becomes a multi-purpose abode, trying to be all things to all purposes, and can affect all of those around you.

Your work life can easily spill over to your personal life.

Your home now becomes your place of business where receiving client visits, and telephone calls, becomes mixed with your family demanding attention.

In making your decision to work from home, you have to realise that your personal or home life could intrude on your work, and vice versa.

Your child may grab the phone to answer a wedding enquiry, or your dog or cat may come to the door when a client comes to do business with you.

Your partner may wonder why you are so tired every night, or why you sit in front of the computer for hours on end.

A major concern in working from home is the total loss of privacy.

Your privacy is compromised when you are bringing clients into your home on a daily basis.

Complete but invited strangers will find out about your children and family, your pets, and your lifestyle.

The fact is that working from home is hard, and more than ever, discipline is needed to push you to focus on your work.

The Good News!

The good news is that working from home can provide you with a fulfilling career, while being constantly around the family.

There are many other benefits of course, and the best one is that if carefully planned and executed, your business can give you a great income.

The Joys of having your Own Photography Business

Photography is your passion?

So why do you want to have your own photography business?

Do you like the thought of having more spare time?

How about just working the hours that you want? Having a holiday whenever you feel like it?

Making a great income?

Working the hours that you want? Earning lots of money?

Like owning your own business?

See more of the kids?

Having freedom?


Running A Photography Business Is Not Easy.

This is what a lot of photographers have told me. Especially when you are isolated in a country area, or run the business on your own. It can be lonely. It is not easy. Running a business from home can also be stressful, with the added pressures of balancing family life.

The market place is also very competitive, with photographers opening up on seemingly every street corner.

Starting a photography business without any training, and very little capital, can also be daunting.

I have seen over my forty years of owning a studio, some photographers become millionaires, while others have failed.

What is the Secret of Success?

I believe that everyone has the secret hidden inside of them, but sometimes they just need that spark or inspiration to start the “ fire of success.”

The one key ingredient for success is passion. Not being able to see failure. Your passion will drive you. This book is the road for your passion to drive along.

One of the weaknesses I often see in home studios is that they believe in the old saying ”build it and they will come.”

This is no longer applicable in today’s highly competitive market place.

Especially in the wedding and portrait market areas, where there are literally hundreds of small photography home studios, in large and small towns all over Australia.

The photographers that succeed in this industry are masters of marketing and promotion, and not necessarily masters of photography. They have also made the effort to seek the help and advice from an experienced and qualified photography business coach or consultant.

Is My Business Real?

A common concern of most home-based photographers is whether their customers will consider their business a real one, rather than just a hobby that they are making a bit of money from. They think that their customers may feel that the business is not legitimate.

Home businesses are generally seen as part time concerns, and therefore their professional image and credibility suffers. They are not taken seriously! Although this perception exists, the business owner should do everything that they can to change this.

This can be done by presenting a strong professional business image, not only in the physical appearance of the home, but more importantly in the way that the business is conducted.

The way that you treat your customer, together with strong branding, advertising, and business practices will go a long way to justifying working from home. Your own mindset is also paramount in having a strong profitable photography business.

How To Make More Money

Having an effective photography pricing strategy, combined with a simple selection of products to sell, will result in less work and a lot more money.

By the way, I understand if you’re charging less than low prices for you’re your photography you are probably cheating yourself, because I know from my own experience that the customer is willing to pay heaps more than you think.

If you love what you do, and are passionate about your photography, sometimes you forget about the money.

You take photographs because you love it. It could be the only thing that you have found that you are really good at.

You may just become so tired of working so hard and having no money in the bank.

If you have spent the time, money, energy, and then even more of my time to take better photographs, so why are you giving it away?

Yes it may be scary at first trying to lift your self-worth and lift those prices up a little. But your customers will respect you more, and will probably rave more about their photographs.

The key is to develop a photography pricing plan and selling structure, that will help you to develop a strong home business.


Get more Portraits.

Attract more Wedding Bookings.

Increase your sales.

Maximize the efficiency of work spaces, and focus on your profitability.

Get a viable and long term business model.

Take your business to the next level.

Get successful business systems which cost very little time, money and energy.

Learn how one photographer using a simple Facebook strategy made over $20,000.

Have a business model that puts money into your account regularly.

Case Study

Sally is married with two gorgeous four and six year old daughters. She was a school teacher for thirteen years, but always had a love of photography.

She and her family live in an outer suburban town in Victoria with a population of around 300,000 people.

When her husband was made redundant, they decided, after many lengthy discussions, that Sally would start a photography business. Their plan was to run the business from home, and then maybe later move to a shopfront. Sally was to operate all aspects of the business, while her husband was to look after the children.

They had a small amount of savings that would sustain them for a while, and if things didn’t work out as planned, Sally could go back to teaching. Their plan went well, and after two years they were making enough money to support the family.

Business Breakdown

Then they had a problem. Although business was fairly good, they became increasingly nervous about the future.

Although Sally was working from home she was spending less time with her children, and her relationship with her stay at home husband was becoming increasingly strained.

Her youngest child also began to have behavioural issues, due to Sally not spending enough time with her.

The Solution

It was at this point that Sally called me asking for my help. I have consulted with many photographers who have encountered similar problems.

Sally’s intense focus on the business, meant that she was placing her family secondary in her priorities.

This of course, was in turn, putting pressure on her husband, as he had to spend more and more time with the children.

Solving Business Issues

My next step was to go through all of the business elements that Sally had put into place with her business model.

She had done quite a good job of this, but did not know how to lift the business to the next level.

Together we looked at the types of products that she was offering to her customers, the pricing, the way that she did her selling, and the way that she photographed.

We then reviewed her advertising and promotion strategies.

I then implemented changes in all of these areas. I introduced a new product which was unique to her photography business and separated her from others.

I raised her prices a little, and trained her in my simple photography selling system.

I gave her new ways of attracting customers, with different types of Marketing and Promotions and together we set some realistic financial and family goals.

I also helped Sally to re-brand the business, so that it would attract a better type of clientele.

We communicated weekly by Skype and in a very short time Sally and her family were “back on track.”

One year later the business continues to grow, and prosper.

Her portrait sittings are consistent each week, and her weddings have increased by thirty percent.


Clarify your business purpose.
Commit to action.
Get an understanding to give you peace of mind.
Honour yourself by taking a first step.
Create a better life.
Forget your previous failures.
Start to earn more money.

Date: Tuesday 12 November
Time: 1-4pm
Where: Burgmann College, ANU Campus
Address: Building 52 Daley Road CANBERRA